Why Eat Prepped?

About us

Eat Prepped is a food delivery / meal prep service in Peterborough. Our team of active and sportive food enthusiasts noticed that a lot of other people around us were struggling with the same issue: making time to cook and eat tasty and nutritious food on a daily basis. You get off late from work, have hobbies scheduled, need to run to pick up children - you just have little time and cooking gets on the background and before you know it you are doing groceries and cooking at an inconvenient time of the day. In addition, sometimes we just lack inspiration to know what to cook that is satisfying yet assists with our weight control journey.

That is why we brought Eat Prepped to life: so everyone can enjoy and eat tasty and nutritious meals to make your daily packed schedule more manageable. And make your eating habits at the same time better.

Eat Prepped takes care of the grocery shopping, meal prep, cooking and delivery. You choose your meals and we deliver them idirectly to your home every Sunday and Wednesday.

For who?

Our goal is to offer you tasty, fresh meals, 100% homemade from scratch by our chefs in our professional catering kitchen. Prepared with quality ingredients, healthy, tasty and controlled calories; they will save you valuable time.

Our Recommended Weekly Menus have been designed to offer you a satisfying, nutritious 1200 calories per day (approximately). Combined with healthy exercise this will assist in your weight loss or weight control journey. Many of our friends love food (even doughnuts & pizza). They eat well with controlled calories during the week and "Earn"the doughnut or pizza treat at the weekend through he calorie deficit they have created.

How much does it cost?

You can order batches of individual meals, a pick and mix weekly menu at a discount or our Recommended Weekly Menu which saves you money and includes a weeks worth of FREE SNACKS from just £59.00 for everything. The price you pay includes everything from nutritional information, sourcing the ingredients, preparing the meals, packing them and delivering them to you.


Our food

All meals are made from scratch by the expert hands of our experienced chefs, without any additives, processed, artificial or chemical ingredients. We try to source all ingredients locally and prepare colourful tasty clean meals.

The meals only need to be reheated for 2-3 minutes in the microwave to be eaten. Some meals can be eaten cold, which we then mention as well. The packaging can be placed in a microwave.


Each meal has a balanced ratio of carbs, protein and fats. Our meals focus on offering the right macro balance to meet your goals.

The calorie range average is around 400 Kcal per meal and is displayed on each menu item. This means you do not have to count calories or macros and can still rest assured you are getting the ideal amount of nutrients. If you click on the item you will see full nutritional details as well as full ingredients and allergen information.

We want to offer food to fuel a well-functioning body: healthy proteins, nutritious carbohydrates, colourful vegetables, tasty fruits, nuts, seeds, and good fats. Whether you are looking for a meal to fuel your day or a tasty dish with more seasonal ingredients for those who are not chasing a specific calorie intake, you can select the meals that suit you best.


Our values

We believe in clean food that is made from scratch. We also believe that eating healthily is not a decision you can make when you are hungry. We want to help you to make a change to your daily life and make it easier, tastier and healthier.

We help you to get where you want while being eco-friendly, by eliminating food waste, make sustainable decisions and use short delivery times. Eat Prepped is more than just a few meals delivered to you, it is a lifestyle decision.

How does it work?

You can order 24/7 on our website and order from a selection of weekly changing menus and individual meals, snacks and drinks. Until Thursday 9 PM you can order meals for Sunday and Wednesday delivery of the following week. On Sunday you will receive Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays meals and on Wednesday we will deliver your remaining meals freshly prepared.

When you are done selecting your meals, you choose to have your meals delivered to your home address by our own staff. Simply enter your postcode to confirm that you are in our current delivery area.

Eat Prepped really is the best way to eat healthily in the Peterborough area with weight loss meal prep.